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歌词oh BABy BABy,it's A wilD worlD的歌曲名

Mr.Big 唱的 《 Wild World 》 Now that I've lost everything to you, you say you want to start something new, and it's breaking my heart you're leaving, baby I'm grieving. But if you wanna leave take good care, hope you have a lo...

确定是这首:john the whistler - wild wild web 试听: 下载:


Wild world 歌手:mr big Oh,baby,baby,it`s a wild world 噢 宝贝 宝贝 这是个狂野的世界 I`ll always remember you like a child,girl 我会永远记得你天真的模样 姑娘

oh baby baby It's a wild world 常担心今天你太迫(悲?)切会做傻事 你要放弃我说要放弃往事 今天想我找一刻的心意 你要远去了 我心缺了似 剧烈就似刀切 再见向你说句请保重 祝福这一生好景中欢送 你也会发觉那天我多心痛 oh baby baby It's a...

歌曲名:It'S A Wild World 歌手:Barry Ryan 专辑:The Very Best Of Barry Ryan 「It's a wild world」 作词∶AIMI 作曲∶AIMI 歌∶ステレオポニー Five years ago I was in the maze And been a rude, been a damn Looking for a thing what I can ...

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