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In the final years of the Song dynasty china was in a state of political and social turmoil. Besides frequent foreign invasion and a large number of man made and natural disasters there were also constant pheasant rebellion. In order to transform

1、英文 Shuihuzhuan, one of the four famous works in China, is a long chapter novel with the Songjiang Uprising in the late Northern Song Dynasty as the main background and type of heroic legend. The author is Shi Naian.The whole book

水浒传(water margin)简介:water margin is a novel based on the outlaw song jiang and his 36 companions. the group was active in the huai river region and surrendered to the government in 1121. they were recorded in history of the song

水浒传中英文对照读后感 after read "shui hu zhuan", the biggest feeling is in book heroes heroic feelings strong righteousness, is generous in aiding other people. first said takes by strategy the birthday outline seven real men. takes by strategy

水浒传Outlaws of the Marsh The novel "Outlaws of the Marsh" is somewhat like the Iliad and Odyssey An ancient epic tale no one remembers the period it was composed and immortalized. One knows this story is based on real facts and has



Water Margin is one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature. Attributed to Shi Naian, the novel details the trials and tribulations of 108 outlaws during the Song Dynasty period of Chinese history. Water Margin is a novel based on

1、主要内容 北宋末年,宋徽宗昏庸无道,奸官当政,民不聊生.山东郓城以宋江为首的三十六人掀起风起云涌的农民起义,他们杀富济贫,行侠仗义,令昏bai庸朝廷闻风丧胆,民间百姓拍手称快. 2、原著简介 《水浒传》,是中国四大名著之

《水浒传》是我国著名的明代小说家施耐庵写的一部章回小说.它是第一部描写农民起义的小说,全书围绕“官逼民反”这一线索展开情节.表现了一群不堪暴政欺压的“好汉”揭杆而起,聚义水泊梁山,直至起义失败的全过程. 《水浒传》是深受人们喜欢的一部小说.

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