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everything is well!

The front is a bright future .希望能帮到你,不明还可以追问的记得采纳哟,,嘻嘻!

鉴于英文中没有直接对应汉语“美好”这一词的英文表达,故在翻译中应该根据具体语境进行翻译,可选择的英文词语有:fine, good,glorious,OK,以及二楼的happiness等 反而一楼那个倒是有问题的

Never give up, Never lose hope. Always have faith, It allows you to cope. Trying times will pass, As they always do. Just have patience, Your dreams will come true. So put on a smile, You'll live through your pain. Know it will pass, And strength you will

试译,两种想法,顺附直译,楼主斟酌:It must fall, after those scattering clouds finally drift away.一切终须落幕,在浮云散去之后.Noisy Life will die off and everything's go

.wish the future more beautiful The days when you are not around me is still so good . The days to wait for you has elapsed long time ago ,愿未来美好没有你的日子里,, The days when I awaited you have gone ,依旧美好. 求翻译为英文 采纳噢 The days without you still remains good 等你的时光早已流逝

愿所有美好如期而至.的英文:May all good things come as expected expected 读法 英 [k'spektd] 美 [k'spektd] adj. 预期的;预料的 例句1、The actual cost was much higher than we had expected.实际成本比我们预料的高得多.2、

与你相伴 直到世界尽头------ Accompany You Until The World Ends.

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