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我们去问问几点开始上英语课 Let's ask what time we begin English lessons

上声乐课 用英语表达 翻译如下: have a music lesson

When will my lesson begin tomorrow?

if the data ia statistically valid,it will through light on the problem we are investigating.就是这个,因为“problem”指的是我们正在调查的“问题”,从中文意思可以看出调查的是“一个”问题,不需要用复数形式,附属的话是错的(因为中文意...

你好! 我知道你想询问新学期的任课安排。 参考译文如下。 I know that you would like to ask about the lecture arrangement in the new semester。

When will the next class end / be over /be finished /be dismissed?

I'm scared to ask questiones in the class.

When do you have history class

We feel happy in her English lessons.

How many classes do you have one day?

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