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吴承恩的个人简介,如下.但求英文版!吴承恩(1501年-1582年),字汝忠,号射阳山人.汉族,淮安府山阳县(今江苏省淮安市楚州区)人.中国明代杰出的小说家,是四大名著之一《西游记》的作者. 出生于一个小官吏降为小商人的家庭

Wu chengen (1510-1582), Ming dynasty novelist, word RuZhong, nicknamed the reflected light mountain man, huaian sanyo (now jiangsu huaian), was born in a family by learning officer to businessmen, poor. Wu chengen have been clever, \"take

Wu Cheng'en was born in Lianshui,Jiangsu Province,and later moved to nearby Huaian.His father,Wu Rui,had had a good primary education and "shown an aptitude for

Wu chengen are introduced in this paper, the Ming dynasty outstanding novelist)Wu chengen (1500-1582), the word RuZhong, the reflected light mountain man. Han ethnic group, huaian fu son duong district (now jiangsu huaian chuzhou district),


"Monkey King",written by Wu Cheng-en,is one of the renowned classical Chinese novels about an allegorical rendition of the journey. It was based on a true story of a famous Chinese monk, Xuan Zang. After years of trials and tribulations, he

The story of Journey to the West is divided into three parts: (1) an early history of the Monkey spirit; (2) pseudo-historical account of Tripitaka's family and life before his trip to to fetch the sutras in the Western Heaven; (3)the main story, consisting of

Synopsis of Journey to the West 西游记概要 The novel comprises 100 chapters. These can be divided into four very unequal parts. The first, which includes chapters 17, is really a self-contained introduction to the main story. It deals entirely with the


Journey to the West is the first Romantic chapter novel about gods and demons in ancient China. There are 100 copies of Journey to the West published in the Ming Dynasty without the author's signature. Wu Yuxuan, a scholar of the Qing Dynasty,

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