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Thank you teacher!谢谢你老师!求采纳

thank you English teacher

I want to say”Thank you”to Miss Wang our English teacher. I can never pay you back for your kindness and your patience. I used to be weak in English. You found my problem and helped me out. With your help I am now good at English. I still

THANG YOU ENGLISH My English is not good. Because you help me.Now,I can past the English improve my English grades.Thanks help are a good English was poor ago.Thanks help me!your student.

我们是紫荆轩的花朵,老师是辛勤的园丁.谢谢老师!We are the flowers of the motherland, the teacher is the hardworking gardener in this land. Thank you, teacher!

Thank you ,teacher

teacher 英[ti:t(r)] 美[tit] n. 教师,教员,老师,先生; [航] 教练机; [例句]I'm a teacher with 21 years 'experience.我是个有21年教龄的教师.[其他] 复数:teachers

teacher, thank you, you help me solve my problems!last class on the afternoon when the teacher read us a diary. There my diary: "My troubles." When the teacher read, "I carried my book is like a cat having a delicious, fat obese rats of the time",

I'm not that kind of student who good at English and learn very quickly.I can't say that I love English more than other subjects.Even I can say English is a headache for me in the passed days.我不是那种学习英语有天赋的学习很快的学生.我也不能说

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Thank you, Thank you.谢谢你,谢谢你,谢谢你,谢谢你谢谢你,谢谢你. The tree stands tall in our school yard. It gives us much shade while we grow and play in the school. Even after school is over and we have

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