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As wEll As用于肯定句

as well 也【副词短语】 一般用于肯定句中.

as 既可用于肯定中也可用于否定句中, 而 只能用于否定句中.

as well;too;either;also的区别: 1.also用于肯定句,既可表示两人干了同样的事,也可表示一个人干了两件事,通常位于be动词,助动词或情态动词之后,行为动词之前.如: he has been to beijing. i have also been there.他去过北京,我也去过

as well也句末,前面一般无逗号.肯定句,疑问句英语as well用法 ▲as well 也,还 Why don't you come along as well?为什么你不也一起来呢?They all do military training as well.他们也都进行军事训练.He undertook

不能,He isn't a student,she isn't a student ,either.他不是一名学生,她也不是一名学生.

不是,肯定句!i not only play the guitar,i sing as well



1. as well as 可连接并列的单词或短语.例如: It is unpleasant in summer as well as in winter. 夏天不好过,冬天也不好过. The child is lively as well as healthy. 这孩子既健康又活泼. 2. as well as 连接两个谓语动词时,它们的时态应保持一致.

四者均可表示“也”,区别如下: (1) too 和 as well 多用于口语中,语气较轻,通常用于肯定句或疑问句,一般不用于否定句,且通常放在句末.如: i like you too [as well]. 我也喜欢你. are they coming too [as well]? 他们也来吗? 在 me too

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