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At lAst造句

at last finally; in the end最后;最终*At last they climbed over the mountain.他们终于翻过了这座大山.

at last解释为"最终",常用一般过去时 则可造句:We finished the homework at last.

At last I got there.

at last,we won the game.最后,我们赢了比赛

at last 终于,到底,毕竟,好容易才 例句:They rolled up at last. 他们终于坐着车来了.At last she was freed from all encumberances. 她终于从一切牵累中解脱出来.

At last they climbed over the mountain.他们终于翻过了这座大山.

at last we found the way to the park 最后我们找到了去公园的路 at least we know how to answer the question.至少我们知道如何回答这个问题

First I have to go to school on time. Next, I am not allowed to take a telephone to school. Then, I can't chat with my classmates when the teacher is teaching. At last, I should try my best to finish my homework.

at last ,i leave the the end of + 时间或地点 in the end 和at last 差不多,都是最后的意思

您好!Finally, we finished the work. 最后我们完成了工作.At last, we reached there on time. 最后我们及时赶到了那里.In the end, the girl was saved by the army men.最后女孩被军人们救了.望您采纳,谢谢您的支持! | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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