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BE ADmittED to的意思

be admitted to的中文解释: 加入英语句子Be admitted to; be accepted into允许(进入)To admit of no explaination无可辩解Children under 12 will not be admitted十二岁以下的儿童不得入内Patient should be admitted to a hospital intensive care unit.应该把病人送入医院加护病房.再看看别人怎么说的.

be admitted to 加入;获准做某事短语be admitted to hospital 住院be admitted to fellowship 获准入会be admitted to university 被大学录取

加入,被接纳 例 Children under 12 will not be admitted. 十二岁以下的儿童不得入内.

INTO是接受---加入,参加的意思TO,admit to 承认The young man admitted to his part in the crime.那个年轻人承认了他自己在这次作案中的所作所为.允许(某人)进入…He opened the door and admitted me to the house.他把门打开让我进屋.通向The gate admits to the yard.这门通向院子. 我同意TO,录取,就是ADMIT TO

be admitted as 被作为招收 he's admitted as a scholarship student 它作为奖学金学生被招收 be admitted to 被什么学校招收 he's admitted to harvard 他被哈佛大学录取

be admitted. to/into,,,被录取到,,,中,显然是到,,,里面,用to或into

be admitted to 被录取,被许可进入,加入 be admitted with 不是固定短语,被确认.,be admitted with heart problems ,被确定患有心脏病

1. 被吸引到 Communication and understanding is important, so I tend to be attracted to asian-americans.沟通和理解是重要的,所以我倾向于被亚裔美国人所吸引.

admit doing sth, 是表示承认做某事,如:He admiited having done wrong, 他承认自己做错了.be admitted to doing sth, 表示允许做某事,含有被动的意思,如:They were not admitted to entering the house.

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