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只有be against的搭配,against本身是介词,后面直接接相当于名词的词.表示反对、抵抗等等 亲:祝你学习进步,每天都开心V_V!望采纳,thx!Mr Gao

against ['enst; 'einst] prep.1.相反;反对;违反;违背;逆:例句:against one's will违心地,违背意愿地to fight against evil同邪恶做斗争2.撞击;撞着,碰着,顶着

A 强调的是他违抗父母这么一个动作,而B是说明“反对”这么一个状态.这句话要强调的是他所做出的动作,而不是状态,因为那个“then”,说明一个时间.如果这句话有上下文,比如说他当时违抗父母,现在不违抗了,那我觉得可以选B.如果只是单句,选A更好一点.

be against for强烈反对 Pat will send you today the Budget 2008 that is to be reported against forrevenues and costs in the Management Accounts. Be against of 反对的

反对be against doing支持be for(+doing)

一般不用be against sb.但是有be against sth.的用法:反对某物..还有against sb's wishes:违背某人的意愿 以及against sb's will违背某人的意志

接sth./doing sth.

play against可能多用于比赛的情景中,We play against ClassTwo in the against 就比较泛指了,可以反对,对抗任何东西.I am against his opinion.

against的意思是“反对”,所以be against doing something的意思就是“反对做某事”. 用against的例句如下:1. There are 26 votes for him and 8 against him.有26票赞成他,8票反对他.2. We sailed against the wind.我们逆风航行.3. It's | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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