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for the first time 首次;第一次.表示有生以来或一段时间内第一次做某事,在句中一般单独作状语.例如: 1)the two girl students talked for the first time at the beginning of the term. 两位女生开学初首次交谈. the first time 首次;第一次.常引导

1、for the first time 英 [f: f:st taim] 美 [fr i fst tam] adv.首次;第一次;乍;初 例句: For the first time in my career, I was failing. 我职业生涯中第一次经历失败. 2、for用法: 表示目的的,为了 如:That's what we

for the first time 多在句子中表示“第一次做过的事情” for the first time,第一次做某事, 不能加从句.常用现在完成时.I have been here for the first time.the first time 更侧重“第一次的情况” the first time 常引导一个从句,如:The first time time I saw you, I realized I semmed to have met you somewhere before.相当于as soon as This is the first time I've been here.

例 the first time he came, i knew what he wanted.when he came for the first time, i knew what he the first time, i didn't know what he wanted.for the first time 做时间状语,意思为第一次 the first time 做状语从句的连接词,放在从句前 at the first time 做时间状语,意思为起初

告诉你个很简单的辨别方法,我通常都这么跟学生讲的:for the first time是个时间状语,yesterday怎么用,放在什么地方,for the first time就能放在什么地方.the first time则是引导时间状语从句,when怎么引导时间状语从句的,the first time就能放在什么位置.考试时把你熟悉的yesterday, when带进去看看语法对不对就可以了.i saw the film for the first time.the first time i saw the film, i loved it very much.

本句中,for the first time 时间状语对应的动词是felt, 一般过去时,并非完成时 从句中had achieved 用过去完成时,是因为动作发生在felt 前,过去的过去.for the first time 常用一般过去时,意思是 第一次.比如 I saw the picture for the first time.而it is/was +第几次+从句, 从句则要用完成时 比如 It is the first time that I have come here. It was the first time that i had come here.

1、释义差别 the first time 翻译为:第一次;first time 翻译为:首次;for the first time可以翻译为:首次;第一次;by the first time 翻译为:直到第一次之前.2、在句子中充当的成分:the first time 这个短语在句子中充当名词的作用,在句子中只

for the first time 是一个表时间的介词短语在句子中做时间状语.如:I've been here for the first time.我是第一次来这.the first time 相当于一个从属连词,意思先进同于as soon as.如 I loved this picture the first time I saw it.我一看到这幅画就喜欢上它了.the first time 可用as soon as替换

for the first time在句中只能作状语,the first time可作表语和主语i went there for the first time.(状语)the first time i saw the film was last month.(主语)it is the first time i drink wine.(表语) for the first time 首次;第一次.表示有生以来或一段时

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